About Me / My Past Until Today

I was around 16 years of age when I realized I could do things with my hands that seemed not possible. I was afraid of what I was able to do, it defied all modern medicine and seemed as if I had a special gift. It all started when I was giving a rolfing session to a very highly advanced rolfing teacher. We called her Suz, short for Susan. Suz got off the table and looked me right in the eyes. You know John, I've been amongst the world's very best Rolfers and persons with unbelievable healing skills. I replied,"Yes Suz - I understand that you are almost like an apostle in what you can do to heal a human's body". Suz stopped me and stated boldly, " John, you are the apostle, Your hands undoubtedly are in a realm above mine or any others".

We had spent some time living in her basement and the day we were leaving Suz pulled me away and asked if I was worried about anything. I explained to Suz that I had been able to heal so many people, even those with life-long injuries. Suz asked me if I believed in God, " I replied that I wasn't sure, She said She did not believe in God, but after she had felt my hands she could only think it was a gift from above. After returning home from Boulder and staying with Suz, I never put my hands on another person for over a decade.

I pursued a career in eCommerce dissecting algorithms and finally creating them, I pushed the envelope in my field and became a viable author with a long list of incredible achievements in what today is known as SEO and SEM. At 53 years of age, I live a simple low sustenance life.

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