Body Artista

What is it?

Body Artista is a way to change the exterior shapes of human body mass using only my hands, it's not massage therapy - it's an artistic corrective alignment of the human body. Body Artista can help correct misalignment of body mass. After a correction is made the receiver is often in a state of shock. In just minutes my hands have genuinely healed body injuries.

I'm not in the business of healing traumatic injuries. It's far too emotional of an event for me at this time in my life. I've created Body Artista as a form of art. Your body is my canvas.

Body Artista

Why Breast Art?

Breastfeeding had taken its toll on my wife and she was unhappy with the unnatural shape of her breasts. She grew 3 cup sizes while feeding and went as long as a year and a half feeding one of them. Some years back my wife was crying while putting on her bra in front of me. I came to hold her and she made reference to national geographic magazines and Africa as she pushed her breasts out - It was real serious breast damage - the price it cost to give her body up to be the best mother ever. We cried together.

I knew I had to use my gift and I knew I would have to tell my wife about it. I was too afraid to just do it to her. It can be supernatural in nature. Over the course of several weeks, I started showing her what I could do with my hands. The day came and I put her on our massage table to repair her breasts. She was able to endure extreme pain and the art went just as planned, perfect breasts just like 20 years earlier. That was many years ago and her breasts still look exactly perfect today. In no way whatsoever could anyone believe she has ever breastfed. My wife asked that I repair 3 other women's breasts, each of the three was 100% successful. each of them had extreme damage.

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